jueves, octubre 30, 2008

Shit hits the fan

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- Barbara Streisand -

It did, it really did. That is, I saw myself explaining once more for the first time ever. In 5 years, that's a lot of time.

And then, apparently for no reason at all, I mentioned one of the stupidest things I've ever said. No, I won't reproduce it here for mental well-being sake, but believe me, it was pretty bad. Imagine yourself giving a shotgun to your biggest enemy and then asking in a nice smooth voice: "Hey, why don't you try shooting over there?"

Imagine how that one ends. I assure you he won't shoot where you pointed at.

So, I finally level with her and what happens? She goes completely the other way. No explanations, no opinions, almost as if I hadn't said anything. I mean, COME ON! It's no Top-level classified info, everyone knew about it already. The one and only difference was that it was finally said.

How much courage is needed to tell the thruth? No clue. Yesterday I told a classmate that she'd been one of the stupidest persons I've ever met for doing such idiiotic questions at such critical times. I didn't care, I just said that, and it's the thruth (something the classroom as a whole feels, but apparently nobody had the guts to say it aloud)

Then, why I took years to say such a simple thing?

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