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Meme in splanglish

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Wishing you were somwhow here again...
-The Phantom of the Opera-

Mientras sigo en el UBD, les dejo este pequeño meme robado de LastFM. Debo advertirles que puse TODA la música que tengo en la compu, lo cual dio resultados interesantes. Suerte!

Set WMP/WinAmp/iTunes/whatever on random, note down the songs

Why did you decide to take this quiz?
Track: Lo noto
Artist: Hombres G
Comment: Simplemente lo noté?

Where will you meet your husband/wife?
Track: Fiddle and the drum
Artist: A perfect circle
Comment: In some Theatre or Opera House?

Where will you "hug" your wife/husband for the first time?
Track: Sweet child of mine
Artist: Guns n' Roses
Comment: God! You figure it out...

What is your secret dream?
Track: Lamento Boliviano
Artists: Enanitos Verdes
Comment: To go somewhere... in Bolivia?

What song will they be playing at the morgue when they'll perform your autopsy?
Track: Mi dulce niña
Artist: Kunbia Kings
Comment: JUAS!!!! Seguramente harán una fiesta!!!

Who will throw a party after you die?
Track: Shake, shake, senora
Artist: Harry Belafonte
Comment: ¿? Sé que habrá una señora por ahí...

What song describes you when you're so drunk that you can't speak?
Track: Tired of being alone
Artist: Al Green
Comment: Well, I've never been drunk at all, but this feel so awkward...

What will actually kill you?
Track: Messiah
Artist: Häendel
Comment: Jesus?!?!?!?!?

Who will be your slave?
Track: No dices más
Artist: Moenia
Comment: No sé, pero sea quien sea al parecer será reprimido verbalmente

What will you look like at the age of 80?
Track: Rain One
Artist: Cirque du Soleil
Comment: ??? Some sort of crazy old man?

Where will you meet your arch enemy of life?
Track: Army of me
Artist: Björk
Comment: In a battleground? It's my army vs. his!

Where did your parents 'create' you?
Track: Hallelujah
Artist: Rufus Wainwright
Comment: A church ?!?!?!

What will happen to you tonight, after going to bed?
Track: My Humps
Artist: Black eyed Peas
Comment: WOW! Sounds good! I'll just sit and watch...and...

What is the meaning of your life?
Track: Behind the blue eyes
Artist: The Who
Comment: To become part of her eyes...

What will be the meaning of your death?
Track: I am the wind
Artist: Castlevania Simphony of the Night OST
Comment: To fade away and travel the universe, free as the wind!

How many necrophiles will ravage your corpse?
Track: A little respect
Artist: Erasure
Comment: No one.

What do you hate the most?
Track: Hands Clean
Artist: Alanis Morrisette
Comment: Nah, must be wrong. Maybe I hate soap O_o

What do you love the best?
Track: Mujer Robusta
Artist: Sinergia
Comment: Me enamoré... me enamoré de una mujer robusta.... JUAS!!!!

What makes you feel like jumping out the window?
Track: Fina Estampa
Artist: Tania Libertad
Comment: Pensar en mi padre? (no entiendo...)

What do you think about bananas?
Track: Brazos de sol
Artist: Alejandro Filio y Silvio Rodríguez
Comment: Bueh... necesitan el sol para vivir...

Where would you like to be now?
Track: Will you be there
Artist: Michael Jackson
Comment: Wherever __you__ are...

Who would you like to have a tea-party with?
Track: Hey girl, hey boy
Artist: Chemical Brothers
Comment: Anywhere, but this doesn't seem like a tea-party!

How would you describe your childhood?
Track: Perfect strangers
Artist: Deep Purple
Comment: Living and meeting lots of strange people that i still don't know who are...

If you could do anything you want, what would it be?
Track: Time of your life
Artist: Green Day
Comment: Turn back time... erase some mistakes...

Recent obsessions/existential problems?
Track: Mariposa Traicionera
Artist: Maná
Comment: >_<>

If they would make a movie about you, what would be the title?
Track: Take a chance on me
Artist: Abba
Comment: A movie about the statistics of life!

Where did the pigeons go?
Track: The Prayer
Artist: Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli
Comment: Together to Heaven!

Are you a good stalker/rapist?
Track: Fur Elise
Artist: Ludwig Van Beethoven
Comment: Uh.... no.

What will your neighbour think of you when they'll finds out that you have naked pictures of them?
Track: Cocaine
Artist: Eric Clapton
Comment: He'll think I was "flying"...

Who's for dinner tonight?
Track: Bela Lugosi's Dead
Artist: Bauhaus
Comment: Yay!!! Great!

Who are you hiding in your cupboard tonight?
Track: Célula que explota
Artist: Jaguares
Comment: Ja! una bomba! o una foto...

Who is your fashion ideal?
Track: Welcome to the machine
Artist: Pink Floyd
Comment: Some recycled thrash-clothesline

This halloween, you'll dress up as a ......???
Track: Bandido
Artist: Ana Bárbara
Comment: JUAS!!!! Seré un forajido!

Who would you like to keep in your pockets all the time?
Track: Your body is a wonderland
Artist: John Mayer
Comment: Is either Mickey Mouse (for his wonderland)?

If you'd won the lottery, who would you buy first?
Track: Angel
Artist: Robbie Williams
Comment: A pair of feathered wings or a psychic hotline...

Are we there yet?
Track: ¿Donde estas corazón?
Artist: Shakira
Comment: Yo sí. A lo mejor dejamos a alguien en el camino...

Em...any hard feelings for choosing our survey?
Track: Alma llanera
Artist: Pace de Lucía
Comment: Para nada...

What are your thoughts about the ppl who made this quiz?
Track: Bohemian Rhapsody
Artist: Queen
Comment: they must be good ppl. ^_^
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