viernes, noviembre 30, 2007

Try your hardest not to love me anymore

Yo creo que quien tomó esta foto me estaba leyendo la mente. Chequen nomás lo que escribió:

"He knows he made a mistake by coming to see me, he knows because I can't hide my undying devotion and love for him. I don't try to hide it. And he is trying, more than ever, to escape me and escape all the things being with me holds.

I am that relationship you don't want to be in. I am the face you want to scratch out of your memories. I am the woman that leaves, and hurts you, over and over, and never has to beg for you back. I am that passionate drive, those bedroom eyes. I am your worst nightmare, but your most concentrated and inconsistant source of love.

He wants to be free."

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